Genealogy of Claire, Alex, Sam & Genny Jamison                                              updated July, 2006

The France line                                                                                                 by Chris Jamison


* update all france info from new on-line data (see oliver divine for the link)


Families represented in this genealogy:  France, Dubois, Elting, Andrews



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Generation 1 Families (parents):

Removed to a non-public file.


James Frederick Hall and Warner [father Myron Warner] md




Generation 2 Families (grandparents):

Removed to a non-public file.




---------------------------------------- grandchildren of CL France --------------------------------------------------------


Myron France Warner [father Charles Warner] and Jeanette McBride md

daughter md James Frederick Hall; one child



Philip Carlton Anderson and Norma Gene France [father Elting Devine France] md.

Sara Jean               b 11/24/1950           d






---------------------------------------- end grandchildren of CL France --------------------------------------------------------




Burdette Elmore Andrews [father Edwin Andrews] and JoAnn Watson


Kenneth Norman Andrews [father Edwin Andrews] and Helen Jane Prochaska


other spouse:  Bertha Gertrude Coffman (1/17/1920 in Ringling, OK – 4/12/1969 in Millbrae, CA)

other spouse:  Shirley Jane Neep


Morris Julian Coffman and Dorothy Jane Andrews [father Ralph Andrews] md. 4/29/1937 in Glendale, Los Angeles, CA.

Diane Jeannine       b 3/16/1939

Penny Lou              b 7/29/1942


Morris Coffman b 10/1/1913 in Paris IL, d 9/27/1982 in La Canada, CA, buried Forest Lawn, Glendale, CA


Check out info on Coffmans: 


7/2005 – children born in Los Angeles county.



Bentley Leon Blunt and Beth Lorraine Andrews [father Ralph Andrews] md12/9/1938 in Montrose, CA


Bentley Leon Blunt b 8/7/1906.

Notes from




Donald Wallace Andrews [father Wallace Andrews] and Sylvia Gwyneth Reese md




---------------------------------------- children of Herman Willard France --------------------------------------------------------

******** note these families skip a generation in the sequence **********


Marjorie Alice                    b. 12/4/1924 in Stamford, CT                

Emma Jean (Jeanne)        b. 6/10/1930 in Seattle, WA                  

William Wallace                 b. 5/30/1936 in Long Beach, CA  




Generation 3 Families (great-grandparents):



William Henry Tremper and Ethel France [father Elting Dubois France] md



---------------------------------------- children of CL France --------------------------------------------------------





Charles Warner  and Helen Genave France [father CL France] md

Myron France Warner       b 1913                    d


2/2007:  from 

Myron France Warner md Jeannette McBride

Elizabeth McBride Warner md James Frederick Hall

son Richard Melville Hall, born 1965, aka “Moby” – the entertainment artist, composer



Elting DeVine France [father CL France] and Elsie Marie Stack md.

Wilbur                               b

Norma Gene France                    b 4/25/1919            d


1920 Federal Census Otoe Co, Nebraska (same as Alex Jamison!), Syracuse Township, ED#141

            Elting France, age 28, all born in Nebraska (parents born in NY), occupation Farmer

            Elsie, wife, age 25

            Wilbur, son, age 4

            Norma, dau, age 9 mo.




------------------------------------- end children of CL France --------------------------------------------------------



Horatio Elting Beckwith [father John Beckwith] and Laura May Speece md

Edson Emerson      b

Edith Marie             b

Harry Elting             b



Edwin Andrews [father George Andrews] and Netta Florence Corns md June, 1911

Burdette Elmore      b 1915                    d

Kenneth Norman     b 8/23/1917            d 2/13/1990 in Belmont (San Mateo), CA


Netta Florence Corns (1/24/1889 – 3/17/1931 in Clarinda, Iowa)

1920 Federal Census NE/Otoe/Syracuse, ED#141

Edwin Andrews, 29, farmer, born in NE, parents born in NY

Netta, wife, 29

Burdette, son, 5

Norman, son, 2


7/2006 info at


Edwin Andrews [father George Andrews] and Ellene Annetta Johnson md 9/8/1935 in Cody, WY

Ellene Annetta Johnson (12/27/1915 Printon, NE – 12/28/1999 in Worland (Washakie), WY



Ralph George Andrews [father George Andrews] and Nina Blanche West  md. 1/14/1915 in Syracuse, NE

Dorothy Jane                    b 11/29/1915           d 9/18/1996 at Los Angeles, CA

Beth Lorraine                    b 3/12/1918            d


Nina West (11/3/1892 or 93 in Syracuse, Otoe, NE – 7/4/1967 in Laguna Hills, Los Angeles, CA).


1920 Federal Census NE/Otoe/Syracuse, ED#141

Ralph Andrews, 26, farmer.  born in NE; parents born in NY

Nina, wife, 24

Dorothy, dau, 4

Beth, dau, 1


1/2005:  the link is  (7/2006 – page has changed, but site is still up)



Wallace Andrews [father George Andrews] and Mina Fern Powers md 8/4/1920 at Kensington, Smith, Kansas

Donald Wallace       b


From as of 7/2006

Mina Fern Powers (11/29/1897 in Tobias, NE – 2/10/1971 in Greenbrae, CA)

Wallace & Mina are buried in Mt Tamalpais Cemetery, San Rafael, CA



Milton France [father Oliver M France] and

Paul Milton    b 1937          d 9/15/1960 buried Porterville Cemeteries, CA



Bethel C France [father Oliver M France] and



**** note children of Herman Willard France are shown in generation above *****



Generation 4 Families (great-great):


-------------------------------------------- children of Oliver Divine France --------------------------------------------------------

Elting DuBois France [father Oliver France] and Mary Alida Boyd  md 12/26/1883 in Middletown, NY.

Ethel Mary              b 01/13/1886 in Middletown, NY   d

Alice McNish           b 09/20/1893 in Middletown, NY   d 06/11/1896 in Middletown


Elting lived in Middletown, NY about 1880.  Became a parter at C.E.Crawford Furniture about 1891.

Alida Boyd France died Nov. 14, 1928.  Katharine Van Orden Seybolt copied her obit from the Time Herald; it is in the France bible.

Ethel married William H. Tremper.

Elting and Alida lived at 8 Houston Ave, Middletown, NY as of her death in 1928.


1900 Federal Census, Orange/Middletown – Gun Street?  ED #20

Elting France, b Sep 1854, md 15 yrs, Furniture; Owns house

Alida, wife, 43, md 15 yrs, borne 2 children, 1 living.

Ethel, dau, b Jan 1886, 14, at school


1910 Federal Census


1920 Federal Census

1930 Federal Census


20100725 found here, record #250



Bernice Olive France [father Oliver France]




Clarence LeFevre France [father Oliver France] and Evagene Irene Andrews md 1883

Agnes Lefever         b 9/27/1884 in Syracuse, NE        d 12/12/1964 in Syracuse, NE

Mabel Diana            b 10/25/1885           d 8/25/1932 in Syracuse, NE

Warren Andrews     b 1/31/1887            d 2/25/1971 in Syracuse, NE

Helen Genave         b 9/21/1888            d 1/26/1974 in Liberty, MO

Leola Hannah          b 2/6/1890              d 5/16/1967 in Willmar, MN

Elting DeVine          b 3/14/1891            d 7/19/1961 in Syracuse, NE

Clarence Edwin       b 1/20/1893            d 6/3/1974 in Lincoln, NE

Evagene Irene        b 10/3/1894            d 9/3/1970 in Nebraska City, NE

Charles Ross          b 6/12/1896            d 1/25/1978 in Roseburg, OR

Bernice Olive b 11/30/1898           d 10/11/1982 in Lexington, NE

Abbie Catherine      b 1889                    d

Myron George         b

Ruth Elizabeth         b

baby                       b 1902                    d 1902

Wilbur           b Jan, 1907             d 3/6/1907


16 children altogether! see


I think there is a lot on this family.  C.L. France went to Nebraska and became the patriarch of a large family.  There is a lot of information in the Van Orden bible at home about them.  I finally got the link from CL to Oliver Divine through Jeanne France’s connections.



Evagene Andrews b 1863  d 1930.  Evagene’s parents: Edwin O. Andrews and Diana C. Weller.

Note she is sister to George Andrews below (who marries Clarence’s sister Theresa).


7/2006:  - used as basis to enter the children.


1900 Federal Census, Otoe Co, NE, Syracuse precinct

Clarence L France, b Oct 1858, 41, md 17 yrs born in NY; farmer (owner)

Evagene, wife, b 1863, 37, borne 11 children, 11 living, born in NY

Agnes L, dau, 15

Mable D, dau, 14

Warren A, son, 13

Hellen G, dau, 11

Leola H, dau, 10

Elting D, son, b Mar, 1891, 9

Clarence E Jr, son, b Jan, 1893, 7

Evagene I, dau, 5

Charles R, son, 4

Bennie O, dau, 2

Abbie C, dau, 9 mo.


1880 Federal Census Deleware/Otoe/Nebraska, p399A in household of Amos Weller

            Clarence France, age 22, farm laborer, born in NY

1880 Federal Census Syracuse, Otoe, Nebraska, p381B in household of Wm B. Stone

            Clarance France, age 21; born in NY


in 1880 census North Branch/Otoe/Nebraska p370B is the Andrews family (Edwin & Deanna) with daughter

            Evagene, age 17. note she & all siblings are born in NY.


Found a Clarence E. France in 1920 Fed. Census, Lincoln NE.  age 25, married to Harriett, age 24, daughter Bonnie J. France.  cj – this could be the son.




Harry Clifton and Abbey France [father Oliver France] md

Grace           b


Harry Clifton of San Francisco.



John Emerson Beckwith and Mariah Jane France [father Oliver France] md

Horatio Elting          b 2/24/1891 in Frankfort, NY        d 7/26/1967 in Ilion, NY
Maude                    b

Oliver                     b


John Emerson Beckwith b 5/30/1849 in Whitesboro, NY; d 1923 in Frankfort, Herkimer Co., NY



George Andrews and Theressa France [father Oliver France] md. 2/27/1889 in Cicero, Onondaga, NY

Edwin France          b 1/1/1891 in Syracuse, NE         d 3/16/1962 in Lowell, Big Horn, WY

Ralph George         b 7/26/1894 in Syracuse, NE        d Jan, 1983 in Los Angeles, CA, bur. Forest Lawn cem, Glendale CA.

Wallace                  b 12/13/1897 in Syracuse, NE      d 11/17/1992 at Greenbrae, Marin, CA


George Andrews (4/7/1858 in Clay NY – 11/23/1900 in Syracuse, NE).

More on Ralph & this line on; see and



George Andrews b 4/7/1858 in Clay, NY, d. 11/23/1900 in Syracuse NE.  George’s parents: Edwin O. Andrews and Diana C. Weller.



So the question is:  are George & Evagene Andrews brother & sister?  12/2004:  yes.


Theresa France was a member of the Eastern Star and of the Daughters of the American Revolution.




1900 Federal Census, Otoe Co NE, Syracuse Precinct, ED #123

George Andrews, b April 1858, 42, md 11 yrs, farmer

Theresa F, wife, b Aug 1869, 30, md 11 yrs, borne 3 children, 3 living

Edwin, son, b Jan 1891, 9

Ralph, son, b July 1894, 5

Wallace, son, b Dec 1897, 2

Bernice O France, sister-in-law, b Aug 1857, 42, single

George & Theresa born in NY, all children born in NE; Bernice born in NY.


12/5/2006:  Theressa marries again to E. E. Mickel of Crete, NE; see obit copied from our France family bible.



Oliver M France [father Oliver France] and Cordelia xx md

Milton           b 1906                    d July, 1970 buried Porterville Cemeteries, CA

Bethel C       b


Cordelia born 5/27/1878, died 1/28/1974, aged 95; Porterville Cemeteries, CA.



---------------------------------------- end children of Oliver Divine France --------------------------------------------------------


XX and Ellen Sinsabaugh [father Adam Sinsabaugh] md




---------------------------------------- children of Andrew France --------------------------------------------------------

Waldo France [father Andrew France] and xx md


Frank France [father Andrew France] and xx md


XX and Minnie France [father Andrew France] md




---------------------------------------- children of George Washington France Sr. --------------------------------------------------------


George Washington France Jr. [father GW France Sr] and Gladys Starkey md.

Pauline                   b.

Gladys b. 3/20/1904, d. 1/22/1991.



Elting Aldrich France [father GW France Sr] and xx md.


There is a 1920 Federal Census listing for Elting A. France, age 25, born in NY, living in Akron, OH.  I didn’t follow up.  See



Herman Willard France [father GW France Sr] and Clara Gladys Parker md.

Marjorie Alice                    b. 12/4/1924 in Stamford, CT                

Emma Jean (Jeanne)        b. 6/10/1930 in Seattle, WA                  

William Wallace                 b. 5/30/1936 in Long Beach, CA  


Clara Gladys Parker b. 1901 in Brooklyn, NY; died 1978 in Long Beach, CA.  I have been in e-mail contact with daughter Jeanne France (3/00), who has updated some of the France line information.  Jeanne’s married name is Shimabukuro.

According to Jeanne, Herman could speak German, French, English, Spanish and Portugese.  He worked as an Engineer for the United Fruit Co. (on banana boats in Central America) as a young man.


1915 NYS Census, Orange/Goshen

Herman France, 18, lodger (at school); with WW and Virginia Wilcox.  At 45 South St, village of Goshen.



Generation 5 (great-great-great):



Philip LeFevre Van Orden [father Abraham Van Orden] and Elizabeth H France [father Elting J France] md 9/14/1853 at New Prospect Church

          Sarah LeFevre        b 9/7/1854 in Fairfax, VA             d 5/25/1928 in Middletown, NY

          Elting France b 9/30/1856            d 8/14/1857  buried in Flint Hill cemetery, Fairfax, Virginia

          Ann Maria               b 7/6/1858              d 6/18/1871 in New Prospect cem.

          Catherine Dubois     b 1/16/1861            d 12/31/1943 bur. in Wallkill Valley cem.

          Solomon L.             b 1/13/1864            d 11/24/1867 bur. in New Prospect cem.

          Alice                       b 8/1/1865              d 7/13/1929 in Pine Bush, bur. in New Prospect cem.

          Elizabeth                 b 8/8/1869              d 11/7/1943  buried in Modena cem.


7/2006:  full information on this family found at genvo.htm in this directory.

This is the family where the Van Orden and France family lines come together.

I am descended from Alice Van Orden.



-------------------------------------------- children of Elting John France --------------------------------------------------------

Oliver DeVine France [father Elting John France] and Mary Agnes Crist md. 7/29/1854 in New Prospect Church

Elting DuBois          b 9/17/1854 in Brandt, Ulster Co.           d 1933 in Middletown, NY

Bernice Olive          b 8/1858 in Pine Bush, NY           d 1912 in Syracuse, NE

Clarence LeFevre              b 10/25/1858 in NY                                d 9/8/1938 in Lincoln NE  bur. Parkhill Cemetery in Syracuse, NE

Abbey Catherine               b 1861  bap 8/2/1861 at New Prospect Church d San Francisco, CA

Maria Jane                        b 2/3/1863  bap 7/31/1863 at New Prospect Church         d

Theressa                          b 8/18/1869 in Pine Bush, NY      d 1/2/1930 in Crete, NE  bur. Syracuse, NE

Oliver M                            b 1871 in Shawangunk                d in Los Angeles


Mary Crist (2/28/1833 in Pine Bush -4/1/1874 in Shawangunk), daughter of Milton Crist(3/29/1802-2/13/1885) and Abigail Houston (b. 10/19/1803-).  There is more on


I have a note which says that Oliver and Mary are buried in New Prospect!  I’ll need to look for them.

Note Oliver is also listed as living in his father Elting’s household (1860 census).  Maybe there are two Olivers?


4/2003 – worked with father in the tannery / scythe business until the shops burned, then went into farming.  Member of New Prospect Duth Reformed Church.

Need to update family & children from

  - 5/20/4 – now


7/2004  LDS has some New Prospect Christening & Marriage records on-line:  1832-1869 / 1832-1880:

            marriage for Oliver & Mary; christenings for Abbey & Maria.





1860 Census Orange/Crawford (p1041-July13, 1860)

Oliver D France, age 28, Scythe Manufacturer

Mary A, age 27

Elting, 5

Bernice O, 4

Clarence L, 1


1870 Federal Census, Orange/Crawford, p338, Walden post office

Oliver France, age 39, Scythe Manufacturer

Mary A, 37, Keeping House

Burnice D, 13 (M), at school

Clarence L, 11, at school

Abbie C, 9, at school

Maria J, 7, at school

Theresa, 1


1880 Census Ulster/Shawangunk, p314A

Oliver D. France, 45, farmer – widower

Mariah J. France, dau, 17 – keeping house

Theresa, dau, 10 – at school

Oliver M., son, 8 – at school


I found a 1920 Federal Census listing for Elting France:  Dutchess/Poughkeepsie, p4B – see – a 58 yr. old lodger; no family

12/23/03 – also in 1880 census for Orange/Crawford, an Elting D. France (age 28 – or 25?) border in the household of Robert Watt?



Adam Sinsabaugh and Mariah France [father Elting John France] md 10/1/1861

Ellen             b 1866                              d


1870 Federal Census Orange/Goshen

Adam Sinsabaugh, 68, retired farmer

Mariah, 38, keeping house

Ellen, 4

Henry, 20?

Cornelia, 7 mo.


20100724 – Mariah/Marian is Adam’s 4th wife (explains the difference in ages).



xx Williams and Emily France [father Elting John France] md



Andrew France [father Elting John France] and Lottie C. France

Waldo E        b 1874 in Washington Terr.          d

Frank D        b 1876 in Oregon                        d

Minnie A       b 1878 in California            d


1880 Federal Census, Mendocino, Sonoma, CA

Andrew, 40, farmer, born in NY

Lottie C. 36, born in NY

Waldo E., 6, born in Washington Territory

Frank D., 4, born in Oregon

Minnie A, 2, born in CA


George Washington France, Sr. [father Elting J France] (1st marriage) and Catharine Josephine Aldrich md


See this interesting web page: for info on George’s multiple marriages.



George Washington France, Sr. [father Elting J France] (2nd marriage) and Effie Mariah Cammack  md 9/18/1871 in Walla Walla, WA



Divorced about 1880

            Effie Cammack born 12/27/1853 in Bloomfield, Iowa

see for children of this marriage



George Washington France [father Elting J France] (3rd marriage) and Fannie Aldrich Reeves md. 1890 in San Francisco, CA

George Washington, Jr.     b 2/25/1891 in Ulsterville, NY       d. 7/19/1977 in Hayward, CA; ssn 522-12-8068

Elting Aldrich           b 10/9/1894 in Goshen, NY                    d 4/2/1970 in Norwalk, CA; ssn 570-16-7527

Herman Willard                 b 4/6/1897 in Goshen, NY            d 9/26/1961 in Long Beach, CA



From Jeanne France:  Fannie b. 1859 in Goshen, NY; d. 1914 in Goshen, NY.  Fannie married a 2nd time, after GWF (who died in 1899) to Stephen Turner.


1910 Federal Census, Orange/Goshen, District 15:

Fannie A Turner, 50, no occupation

George W France, son, 19

Elting A France, son, 15

Herman W France, son, 13

location: Gordon? Hill Avenue


1900 Federal Census, Orange/Goshen, ED#13; on Grinnick? Street

Stephen Turner, 40, md 1 yr, boarder, no occupation – all family is boarding; cannot make out owner of boarding house.

Fannie A Turner, b July 1859, 41, md 1 yr, 3 children

George W, 9

Elting A, 5

Herman W, 3



another marriage for GW France, Sr.  here too.



-------------------------------------------- end children of Elting John France --------------------------------------------------------



Stephen Joy France [father William France] and Catharine Van Hovenburg md.

Euphemia               b 11/22/1851 in Hurley, bap 6/6/1852 in Woodstock Reformed Dutch Church

Julia Catharine        b 1854 in same                 d 1/1/1859 in Plattekill


see Hurley 1855 census.

from by Lorraine Luke.

Catharine Van Hovenburg (1831-3/15/1856)


1880 Federal Census for Woodstock, NY had Stephen France, born 1829

1860 Federal Census for Saugerties:  Euthenia France, 8, in household of Rudolph Horenberg.  This must be the mother’s family. 

            So where is Stephen?


2/2007:  See 



Generation 6 (great x4):



-------------------------------------------- children of John France -----------------------------------

Elting John France [father John France] and Catherine Du Bois [parents] md. 8/27/1828

Elizabeth H                                 b 6/15/1829 in Ulsterville, NY       d 12/27/1908 in Pine Bush, bur. in Modena cem.

Oliver Divine                               b 7/29/1830                                d 10/26/1888 bur. In New Prospect cem.

Maria[h/n] Jane                           b 8/3/1833                                  d

Henry Dubois                              b 3/5/1836                                  d 9/22/1838

Emily B.                                      b 4/22/1838                                d 4/30/1883

Andrew Deyo                              b 10/14/1840                               d 1/26/1893 in Healdsburg, CA

Jonathan DuBois (or Deyo)          b 3/21/1843                                d 6/20/1860 bur. in New Prospect cem.

George Washington          b 4/27/1845 in Ulsterville, NY       d 1/15/1899 in San Francisco, CA

Sarah Catherine (or L)                 b 4/29/1848                                d 5/5/1848


Elting John France  and Margaret Masten  md 1850 in Shawangunk

Margaret born 1810.


            *** update this record:   (6/2006 – this is now a dead link)


Elting John France is related to the Du Bois family through his mother (an Elting), and now marries back into the family. note says he is buried in Bruynswick Cemetery.  Need to locate this.


Got the siblings out of the Van Orden family bible.  Need to look them all up on the internet.  So far I’ve only found Elizabeth and George.


From Jeanne France, Elizabeth is born in Clintondale, Shawangunk; is buried in Modena.  FYI:  Clintondale is located between Modena and New Paltz.


Census data from 1855 NYS Census:  Elting is 54, Catherine is 47; children:  Mariah, 21; Emily, 17; Andrew, 14; Jonathan, 12; George, 10.  Elting’s occupation is Scythemaker;  He is in the 2nd election district, Town of Shawangunk.  His neighbor is listed as Charles and Elmira Martin, aged 32 and 30 respectively.  The Martin’s child is Carniles?, aged 1.  Martin is listed as a farmer.


Jeanne says another researcher told her Elting married again, to a Margaret Martin in 1869.  9/21/00:  See internet for record on 2nd marriage to Margaret Masten, about 1870.  I found a number of Mastens in the baptismal records of Shawangunk Reformed church.

4/2003:  Note that his second wife was Margaret Martin (b in Inwood, NJ), md. 3/17/1869.



7/2001:  I found Elting’s Scythe Manufactory shown on dad’s 1863 farm map of T of Crawford.  It is shown on the Crawford side of the Shawangunk Kill, off Ulsterville Road.  It would be one farm away from the Van Orden farm (Elm Farm), where Elizabeth would live with Philip Van Orden.


11/2001 – found a note on that Elting John is buried at Bruynswick.  I guess I’ll have to walk through again.  At least now I have a lead of someone to look for.

6/2005:  found graves for Jonathan & Oliver in New Prospect Cemetery.


1830 Federal census (p238) Elting Frants, Shawangunk, Ulster Co, NY – note name spelling! – need to look up.

            Males 30-40      1          Elting

            Females <5      1          Elizabeth (1)

            Females 20-30  1          Catharine


1840 Federal census (p 82) Elting France, Shawangunk, Ulster Co, NY (I assign children’s names)

            males 5-10       1          Oliver Divine (9)

            males 30-40      1          Elting

            females <5       1          Emily (2)

            females 5-10     1          Maria (7)

            females 10-15   1          Elizabeth (11)

            females 30-40   1          Catharine


1850 Federal census (p 325-august19,1850) Elting Thance, Shawangunk, Ulster Co, NY – note name spelling! image 72/100

Elting, age 50, farmer, tanner, sythemaker - $7,000.

Catharine, age 47

Elizabeth, 20

Oliver, 19

Mariah Jane, 17

Emily B., 12

Andrew, 9

Jonathan, 7

George, 5 – says he was born in Ireland! – must be for the next three?

3 others (non-family)


1860 Federal census (p 294-june20,1860) Elting France, Shawangunk, Ulster Co, NY:

Elting France age 60, farmer, $3500 property, $1000 personal – note no mention of the scythe mfg.

Catharine, age 57

Oliver D, 26, farmer/laborer – so he’s listed twice!

Maria J, 22

Emily, 20

Andrew J, 19, farmer/laborer

Jonathan, 17, farmer/laborer

George, 14 (found on the next page)


1870 Federal census, Ulster/Shawangunk, p375

Elting France, age 70, Scythe Manufacturer, 7000, 2000

Margaret France, 30, Keeping House

Elting France, 16, Farm Laborer cj:  is this Oliver’s son?  Would make sense.  He’s missing from Oliver’s house, and the age is right.

cj:  Elting must have lived just on the Ulster side of the Shawangunk Kill, while Oliver lived on the Orange side.


1850 census ( image 2) Reuben France, Crawford, Orange (and 1860, Wallkill, page 088)

1850:  age 57, farmer; wife Sarah age 50, child (F) age 17 – can’t read her name.

1850 census Henry France, Shawangunk, (p306) – image #34 – he is a Tanner from Sullivan Co. age 41.

1830 census Henry France, Crawford, Orange (p194)

Males 20-30:  1; females <5:  1; females 20-30:  1

1860 census Ewing France, Shawangunk (p294) – I’ll need to look again; this is same page as Elting.

1860 census George France, Shawangunk (p295)


20100725 from Google books online for Pioneer Families of Orange County, New York by Martha Reamy, Bill Reamy.

George W. Jamison (p. 89) publisher of Pine Bush Herald, md. Julia N. Crist; dau Hilda.

Catherine Du Bois (p. 49) d/o Henry md. Elting France (his mother was d/o Peter Elting of New Paltz).

They reside in Ulster and had a dau. Marian Jane who married Adam H. Sinsabaugh, as his 4th wife.


20100725 from Google books online for Cases argued before the Supreme Court of NY, General Term, 3rd District, March, 1869

            Elting France and Oliver D. France vs. James McElhone.  Refers to a contract of April 16, 1853 for McElhone to sell

            scythes for them.  The firm’s name is “E. France & Son”.





xx and Maria France [father John France] md


Need to find out more information on this family.


William (Wilhelmus) F. France [father John France] and Mary Ann Joy md. 3/12/1822 in Kingston

Lucinda                   b 1/23/1822 in Woodstock

William Peter b 9/30/1824 in same

Albert                     b 1/25/1826 in Kingston, bap 12/1/1829  d 10/24/1858 in Woodstock

Hiram                     b 1/19/1828 in same, bap 12/1/1829

Stephen Joy            b 9/25/1829 in same, bap 12/1/1829 at Old Dutch Church at Kingston

Elizabeth Catharine b 5/21/1831 in same, bap 8/28/1831


Mary Ann Joy (3/10/1803 – 10/22/1887).

See Woodstock (NY) Reformed Dutch Church for records.  See Lorraine Luke’s data on-line.

8/2003:  I found Hiram France, age 52 in the 1880 Census for Saugerties, NY


1850 Federal Census for Ulster / Kingston?


1860 Federal Census for Ulster / Saugerties:

Wilhelmus France, 63, Farmer

Mary A, 53

Clarissa France, 16

Abram R Whittaker, 16


Benjamin Bruyn France [father John France] and xx


Need to find out more information on this family.



-------------------------------------------- end children of John France -----------------------------------




Generation 7 (great x5):



John France and Sarah [van] Elting [parents] md. 10/10/1794 in Reformed Dutch Church, NY, NY

          Maria                      b. 9/15/1796?          d

          William F.                b. 11/10/1796?        d 11/29/1867 in Woodstock, NY buried in Zena Cemetery?

          John Elting              b. 4/21/1799, bap 11/17/1799 in Shawangunk Reformed          d 11/17/1799

Elting John              b. 6/20/1800 in Shawangunk, NY d 5/12/1872  bur. Bruynswick Cemetery? (  Note there is a record at the Shawangunk Reformed church for Elting child born 6/22/1800, baptized 11/17/1801, with parents John Frans and Sarah Elting

          Benjamin Bruyn       b. 12/16/1803                    d


From Van Orden web site.

Need to find out where John France came from.

Also – where are they buried?


7/2001:  I found a note in the Van Orden bible as follows:  “The first France came from Conn. To Plattekill, Ulster Co.  He had a grist-flour and cider mill.  Later moved to Ulsterville where he had sythe factory and brick kilns.  His granddaughter Elizabeth married Philip Van Orden.”  This doesn’t quite match my info, but the scythe part does match the census data, and the 1863 Farm Map of Town of Crawford, which shows Elting France’s “Scythe Manufactory”.


1800 Federal Census (p250) John France in Ulster Co, NY

1810 Federal Census (p103) John Frans in Ulster Co.

1820 Federal Census (p66) Sarah France in Shawangunk Township, Ulster Co. – his widow? – couldn’t find in page.

1800 Federal Census (p220) Catharine France in Ulster Co, NY


Research:  search for this Kenneth France from Connecticut.

substantiation: by Lorrain Luke.


4/2003 from Londa Andrews, on-line at

                John France is said to have manufactured the first nails made in this country.


                1790 Census Place: Kingston, Ulster, New York

                Household included one free white male over 16 yrs, 2 males under 16 yrs, 3 females


                1800 Federal Population Schedule, Page: 250,Ulster County, New York: Index Only, no image or details


1/2005:  Also see for the record of John and Sarah; follow down into France and Andrews lines.

20100725 see to follow pedigree back through mother Sarah Elting



France and Brink

2/2007:  Interesting – perhaps a brother of John?

WILLIAM1 FRANCE was born September 16, 1754 in Ulster County, New
, and died July 13, 1848 in Ulster County, New York. He married

ANNATJEN BRINK July 17, 1784 in Katsbaan/Saugerties, Ulster County, NY,
daughter of CORNELIUS BRINK and ANNETJE WINNE. She was born April 25,
1765 in Kaatsban, Ulster CO., New York, and died March 06, 1852 in
Ulster County, New York.

Burial: Plattekill, Ulster County, New York

Her baptismal sponsors were Petrus and Anntie Brink.
Resource : Gravestone Inscriptions of Ulster County lists her as Hannah who
died March 6, 1852 at age 86. The UCGS Brink Chart shows her death as May 5,
1843. ANNATJEN BRINK: Baptism: Katsbaan/Saugerties, Ulster County, NY
Burial: Plattekill, Ulster County, New York

i.JACOBUS2 FRANCE, b. 1785, Katsbaan/Saugerties, Ulster County, NY.
Baptism: May 15, 1785, Katsbaan/Saugerties, Ulster County, NY

ii.ANTJE FRANCE, b. 1787, Katsbaan/Saugerties, Ulster County, NY; m.
JACOB HOMMEL, May 06, 1815, Katsbaan/Saugerties, Ulster County, NY.
Baptism: April 28, 1787, Katsbaan/Saugerties, Ulster County, NY

iii.JANNETJE FRANCE, b. 1789, Ulster County, New York.
Baptism: Kingston, Ulster County, New York

iv.CORNELIA FRANCE, b. 1791, Katsbaan/Saugerties, Ulster County, NY.
She married Jacob Dewitt of Saugerties on Dec. 31, 1812 (RDC
Baptism: September 03, 1791, Katsbaan/Saugerties, Ulster County, NY

v.FREDERICK FRANCE, b. June 22, 1794, Katsbaan/Saugerties, Ulster
, NY

Baptism: July 20, 1794, Katsbaan/Saugerties, Ulster County, NY

vi.MARIA FRANCE, b. February 09, 1797, Katsbaan/Saugerties, Ulster
, NY

She married Nicholas Dick of Saugerties on Sept. 3, 1814 in Katsbaan
Baptism: February 19, 1797, Katsbaan/Saugerties, Ulster County, NY

vii.PETRUS FRANCE, b. 1799, Katsbaan/Saugerties, Ulster County, NY; d.
Katsbaan/Saugerties, Ulster County, NY. Baptism: June 16, 1799,
Katsbaan/Saugerties, Ulster County, NY

viii.WILHELMUS FRANCE, b. April 05, 1801, Katsbaan/Saugerties, Ulster
, NY

He likely married Rachel Roosa on April 21, 1824.
Baptism: May 03, 1801, Katsbaan/Saugerties, Ulster County, NY

ix.CATHARINA FRANCE, b. September 17, 1803, Katsbaan/Saugerties,
Ulster County, NY.
Baptism: October 02, 1803, Katsbaan/Saugerties, Ulster County, NY

x.PETER BRINK FRANCE, b. 1806, Ulster County, New York.
Baptism: Kingston, Ulster County, New York.






Generation 8 (great x6):


xx France and xx Brink???

          John                       b. 1758 in Ulster, NY                   d. 1/21/1811 in Ulsterville, NY


Need to track back this line.  I would imagine it leads to New Paltz / Kingston.  There is not much on the Frances on the internet.

4/2003 – new info courtesy Londa Andrews, on-line at

1790 – in Kingston census

1800 – in Ulster Co. census (where) page 250.


8/2004: from LDS site:  Johannes Franse b 7/27/1743 to Frans Franse and Elisabet Bickers in Reformed Dutch Church, NY, NY.


20121224 as per Londa Andrews on, in her large family tree  In this family tree, look up Philip under “Philip Vanorden”.





Petrus (Peter) [van] Elting [parents] and Elizabeth De Puy [parents] md. 2/18/1756 in Kingston

          Sarah                     b 4/16/1760 in Shawangunk, NY  d. 11/16/1823 in Ruttenbur, NY



Details for this family found at genvo.htm in this directory.


All other non-France details found at genvo.htm as well.






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